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Property conveyancing and Development

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Property conveyancing and Development

The attorneys in the firm are well experienced in all areas of the law concerning real property transactions and offer legal services regarding title verification, advise on all land tenure systems obtaining in Uganda and both legal and none legal factors that may affect any real property transaction and development. We advise on the purchase, sale, acquisition and disposition of real property, mortgages and debentures. We effect registration and perfecting of title with the Ministry of Lands, Housing and Urban development, pursue and process leases on behalf of clients from District Land Boards, Uganda Land Commission, Buganda Land Board and private persons.


We also offer advice to investors on project development, investment in real property for commercial, industrial, agricultural and residential purposes and all statutory and none statutory easements that may affect the project. The firm also advises on construction law, building and engineering contracts and development regulations, planning and environmental compliance requirements

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